over %26 over : a catalog of hand-drawn patterns

A parcel of goodies arrived from our friends over at Princeton Architectural Press the other day, packed with the latest punch of their publications. Mike Perry's first book, Handjob: A Catalog of Type, and now his second, the soon-to-be-released and cleverly titled Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns are filled with some of the quirkiest and most imaginative typography and patterns we've ever seen. In the preface to his latest book, he writes, "Patterns have been used in design forever. But in our world where patterns surround uson everything from wallpaper to fabric, the people I was most interested in were the makers who choose to craft patterns by hand. Drawing a pattern is not the easiest way of doing it, but, when the time is spent, something magical happens."

We are thrilled to have a sneak preview of this wonderful book, before it arrives in Hong Kong bookshelves. Look out for it as it's a gem for any design library. Special thanks to Russell and Carina.


pap_spread01.jpg The Quiet Revolution from Claire Scully.

pap_spread02.jpg Florals from Brie Harrison.

pap_spread03.jpg Hold East Skateboard and Manhattan Storage from Dan Funderburgh.

pap_spread04.jpg Hagabion's Cafe by Andreas Samuelsson.

pap_spread05.jpg Optical 004 for Arkitip from Michael Perry.